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in other news, the tiger

in other news, the tiger is on the hunt. I haven’t found Suzanne’s other journal, but I did find April’s journal, one of them anyway. I’m sure that they have tons of different jornals all over the place. I don’t know why I doing it. Something to do I guess
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I saw a butterfly at

I saw a butterfly at work today and had a flashback to my childhood in korea when I used to go out in the summer with my net and cage and go hunt for butterflies, dragonflies, and praying mantases. Those were simplier times. I don’t even see that many insects nowadays. When I settle down and have children, I want to live in a place where they can go out in the summer and hunt for butterflies and stuff just like I did
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Oh man, my tummy hurts

Oh man, my tummy hurts again. All I had was some cereal an now I’m in pain with LBM. Sometimes I’m lactose O.k. and sometimes I’m lactose not O.K. I would like to stay home, but I really need the money, so let me scrounge for some clothes and goto work.
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What to listen to…Oh, another

What to listen to…Oh, another gripe. I wish that the music indicator worked for other stuff instead of just winamp. I guess it would be too much to make it work for all CD players; and Wimamp is the most popular music program out there. I probably one of the few people that don’t have it. Anyways, I think Madonna – Something to Remember will be appropiate tonight….
I want you, the right way, but I want you to want me too….
Take a bow, the night is over, this masque is getting older….
This used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dream…
You abandoned me, Love don’t live here anymore, just a vacancy, love don’t live here anymore…
I took your love for granted, thought luck was always on my side, I turned around to late, and you were gone..
Yes, this is def. what I want to listen to. I just wish that they had Bad Girl on this album. I really love that song, and it’s not on this or Immaculate Collection. I guess I’ll have to buy Erotica then. Ok, sleep time
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I really got to fix

I really got to fix the dictionary. I wonder if I can get it to use my word dic. it has all my slang stuff added into it already.
Speaking of Livejournal, I’m not really liking the mood icons. I wish they had some like stephanie (I think her LJ name is punquin) and somebody else (I think it is either ginamoog of lunar-something). Hmmm I could go and look for them, but I would have to pass Suzanne’s journal to get to them and I don’t think I want to read what she has. I will probably be safer that way. Ignorance/bliss and all that. I wonder how long it will take her to find this journal. I founded on of her journals before, but I stopped reading it after the first day. Seeing her so sad just make me sick, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess there’s not such thing has an easy break up. Anyway, I need to goto sleep.
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Actually, I made a small

Actually, I made a small discovery today. I think that my problem is that I am not passionate about anything. When I get passionate about something, whether it is love or hate, I become more alive and vibrant. But I’ve been on this passive, don’t care admitted and it’s affecting everything in my life. I think that’s why I’ve been depressed and slothful lately. I’m def. goofing off at work and it’s costed me a raise, or at least prospone it. And I can defietly use it. I used most of my money that I had left to buy groceries so I wouldn’t starved and have to life off of ramen for a week. But for the last two days, I’ve been pigging out and guzzling sola like crazy. I def. got to stop that. I mean I’m fat enough has it is. It is so hard to hide my gut, and I have only so many places to stuff it at. So I have $17 dollars left and I need to do laundry? Maybe I can do laundry at Angie’s house before she leaves for Boston. I could goto Suzanne’s but I don’t think so. While on one hand, I’m trying to be friendly to her, on the other hand, I want to keep some distance between us. GOD, i guess it does sound like I’m playing a game with her. I’m not, although today I had a thought that it might be easier. I dont know, I making a consession to my friends by not givving her my new address when I move. I think it’s wrong and it is going to cause more trouble, but I know that my friends are just worried about me and don’t want to see another April episode. I don’t want to see an April episode, although in some ways, I’m feeling the same kind of pain inside.
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So Mandy and Tim S. both

So Mandy and Tim S. both ask me about Suzanne and I tell them that we are friends. Sometimes I wish that I could turn back the hands of time…Ah, foolish pride.
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I chased a bottle of asprin with a bottle of vodka. Why? Cause I had a headache.

Ok. So I just got offline from speaking to Tim S.. In a way, I do miss him and Ben and Anders. They weren’t that bad, although I still wont forgive Tim S. for his clock. I found out that Tim S. is staying in Park Merced. Bastard. And Mandy is staying at Treasure Island. Lucky Bitch. Just kidding. I’m just blah cause I don’t know what I’m going to do for housing. I really need to move out of here, not because I don’t like Shawn or anything, but my poor car is dying from the commute to SF.
In other boring news in my life, scanned in more pics. Today I did pics from my Sr. Year in school and I Monopoly tournament that Vince, Amber P., and her boyfriend at the time James went to. The monopoly pictures brought back memories cause that was a fun trip. But the H.S. pics were full of people I didn’t even know. I really wasn’t into my class. I should have graduated with the class of 93 instead of 92, cause I know more of that class than my class. Anyway I was thinking of posting the pictures on an alumni web site or something. i talk about my reunion that is coming up, but do I really have a reason to go to it? Another thing to ponder on.
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