I chased a bottle of asprin with a bottle of vodka. Why? Cause I had a headache.

Ok. So I just got offline from speaking to Tim S.. In a way, I do miss him and Ben and Anders. They weren’t that bad, although I still wont forgive Tim S. for his clock. I found out that Tim S. is staying in Park Merced. Bastard. And Mandy is staying at Treasure Island. Lucky Bitch. Just kidding. I’m just blah cause I don’t know what I’m going to do for housing. I really need to move out of here, not because I don’t like Shawn or anything, but my poor car is dying from the commute to SF.
In other boring news in my life, scanned in more pics. Today I did pics from my Sr. Year in school and I Monopoly tournament that Vince, Amber P., and her boyfriend at the time James went to. The monopoly pictures brought back memories cause that was a fun trip. But the H.S. pics were full of people I didn’t even know. I really wasn’t into my class. I should have graduated with the class of 93 instead of 92, cause I know more of that class than my class. Anyway I was thinking of posting the pictures on an alumni web site or something. i talk about my reunion that is coming up, but do I really have a reason to go to it? Another thing to ponder on.
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