Daily Archives: August 13, 2000

I should have put the

I should have put the webcam on. My room is a mess and it might be interesting watching me pack my stuff.
Naw, I would just get horny 40 and 50 yr olds wanting me to take off my underwear and shake my ass for them.
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1 glass – Rasberry Tea

1 glass – Rasberry Tea / shot of Jose Cuereo Tequilla
2 pigs in blankets w/ketchup and mustard
1 1/2 creamy brocolli tuna helper
1 ice cream sandwich – 1 scoop mint ice cream / 1 Nestle TollHouse cookie / 1 serv. Herseley Dipping Chocolate w/ Krackle pieces.
1 glass – Strawberry KoolAid
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