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**sigh** In other news, I

In other news, I got a call from the housing department saying that my move-in date is the weekend of the 11th. WHOO-HOO. I think this means that I got into either Park Merced or Stonestown. I hope, I hope, I hope.
Since AW won’t be in tommorow and PD might call in, I guess I will hit the sack early so I can be at work on time for a change. I’m sure once I get to work, I’ll get bored and be on the internet all day. And Shawn won’t be home so I will have the house all to my self. That means I can run around naked. WHOO-HOO.
God, I’m such a freak sometimes
In other news real quick, I forgot my brother’s b-day yesterday, so my mom called me on it. OOPS! Oh well. I still need to get a ticket to go up there for labor day.
Caught the end of Bush’s speech at the republic convention. It was not too bad, I didn’t catch too many position statements, but I did catch the internet crack towards Gore. One point for Bush. I guess I’ll get a newspaper tommorow to read the speech. Or I guess I could look on the internet tommorow at work
Two last things:
#1 – Saw the 4th DVD of Cowboy Bebop. One of the best Japanese Anime’s out there. GO RENT IT NOW.
#2 – Vision of Escaflowne is premiering on August 19th on FOX. Another anime you much watch, although I heard that the English voice actors are bad. I’m suppose to go camping – either with Suzanne or with Shawn. Either way, I’m bringing a T.V. so I can watch it.
Man, what a totally uneventful journal entry. I wonder if Suzanne has found this yet? With the search engine going beta, she had a better chance of finding it.
O.k. I need to goto sleep, I have plenty of things to think upon
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OOOHHHH. Cell Phones. I really

OOOHHHH. Cell Phones. I really do have cell phone envy
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God, how bad am I?

God, how bad am I? I have no money, and I’m looking for stuff to buy. Right now I’m looking at Creative Labs FPS2000 speaker system; it’s only 109.75 at buy.com. I really want a 4 or 5 speaker set so that I can have surround sound when I watch my DVD’s. Screw the fact that I have so much other important shit to spend money on, like my overheating car for instance. **sigh**
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hmmmm….i just need to advert

hmmmm….i just need to advert my eyes else where when it comes to local journals around here. That way, I can be somewhat oblivious when I get suckered punched. Hmmm, I wonder what’s going on in Chicago….
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GOD!!!! One day my curiosity

GOD!!!! One day my curiosity will be the complete death of me. I had to peek at Suzanne’s journal. AARRRGGGHHH!!!! Thank god she cant read this, although when she finally finds this journal, I’m sure she’ll get pissed off.
I am doing self exploration on myself. Just because I am not sharing all of it on LJ or with HER, doesn’t mean I’m not doing it. I thought the self in self exploration meant “by ones self”. O.K. Venting over.
She is partly right though. I don’t think that I’m doing enough. I’ve discovered quite a bit about myself, but most of it just scares me. I’m not so sure that I want to find out more.
OK. I’m at work, so this isn’t a good time to do this. Maybe I’ll goto the library after work and post some major journal stuff.
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Fumbling towards boredom

Well, I got half of the Sr. Prom pics scanned. Those brought back memories, some good and some bad. All of them had Jesse in them, cause he was popping his head into everything with his top hat he wore that night. Another example of how time, distance, and pride had broken a friendship. **Sigh**
Talked to Suzanne online…I tried to be good during the conversation that we had, but one barb did get by. But I don’t think that she caught it. I guess it was a good thing that Shawn needed the phone, so I could cut the conversation short.
Realize that April found this journal, and I’ve found one of her sites. It’s not like that I need to see her other journal; April and I have a pretty good understanding of each other (I like to think so anyway). So I can just read her regular journal and if anything is going on, I can usually sense it. Anyway, if it is serious enough, April knows that I’m here for her. And Vice Versa.
Like the whole Suzanne situation. I keep on making the mistake of reading her journal (damn, LJ is so addicting). But it’s like we are both walking a tightrope with our friendship. And the thing with her is; can she bottle up all of her emotions and subdue them like I’ve learned to? I don’t think so. I worry about the upcomming explosion and wonder how big is the blast going to be.
Actually, I should be thinking about going to work, since it is after 9 and I am still at home. Perhaps more thought at work if I get the chance.
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