**sigh** In other news, I

In other news, I got a call from the housing department saying that my move-in date is the weekend of the 11th. WHOO-HOO. I think this means that I got into either Park Merced or Stonestown. I hope, I hope, I hope.
Since AW won’t be in tommorow and PD might call in, I guess I will hit the sack early so I can be at work on time for a change. I’m sure once I get to work, I’ll get bored and be on the internet all day. And Shawn won’t be home so I will have the house all to my self. That means I can run around naked. WHOO-HOO.
God, I’m such a freak sometimes
In other news real quick, I forgot my brother’s b-day yesterday, so my mom called me on it. OOPS! Oh well. I still need to get a ticket to go up there for labor day.
Caught the end of Bush’s speech at the republic convention. It was not too bad, I didn’t catch too many position statements, but I did catch the internet crack towards Gore. One point for Bush. I guess I’ll get a newspaper tommorow to read the speech. Or I guess I could look on the internet tommorow at work
Two last things:
#1 – Saw the 4th DVD of Cowboy Bebop. One of the best Japanese Anime’s out there. GO RENT IT NOW.
#2 – Vision of Escaflowne is premiering on August 19th on FOX. Another anime you much watch, although I heard that the English voice actors are bad. I’m suppose to go camping – either with Suzanne or with Shawn. Either way, I’m bringing a T.V. so I can watch it.
Man, what a totally uneventful journal entry. I wonder if Suzanne has found this yet? With the search engine going beta, she had a better chance of finding it.
O.k. I need to goto sleep, I have plenty of things to think upon
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