Daily Archives: August 15, 2000

I am in the mood

I am in the mood to get into a fight again. i was like this a few months ago, but I never got into the fight that i wanted to get into. Sometimes I wish that Suzanne would have sent JMc over to kick my ass, just so I could have a reason to fight. Actually, I think that I just want to feel physical pain to take away from the emotional pain, and I’m too chicken to do something like cut myself. I’m just not that depressed yet. Ok. I don’t need to get that depressed right now.
Tommorow is the warehouse employee motivation seminar at Santa Clara, i.e. we’re getting paid to goto Great America. WHOOHOO!!!! I think that for one day, I am just going to put all of my worries and doubts to the side and enjoy myself.
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jack in the box 1

jack in the box
1 supreme crossaint
1 hash brown
1 oj
1 20oz 7up
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yesterday: 1 bottle – Sobe

1 bottle – Sobe Wisdom
Jack In the Box
1 sourdough jack, no tomato
1 reg fries
1 reg Dr. Pepper
1 reg Mr. Pibb
1 reg fries
1 Chicken Caeser Pita; only ate 1/4 they put some blue cheese crap or something on it.
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I kinda feel that way in my new apt. It’s been only two days, but I feel that the lines have already been drawn and that I’m the odd man out. I am freaking out, I know. I guess it’s cause I went to work and spend hours doing laundry after work. It’s not going to help that I’m going to go grocery shopping and get a haircut today too. Yes, I am getting a hair cut. I’m thinking that I will run the web cam sometime this week to let everybody see it. Hmm, maybe. Anyway, we got phone service, but I lost the number. We are suppose to get cable this week too.
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To April – I cannot

To April – I cannot completely look away from someone that I loved and cared for so much;the fact is that I still care for her and I might still love her.
If I would have listen to my friends years ago and looked away, would we be talking today?
But I do hear what you are saying and I think that I understand. But I need more time. I know I have had time, but I still need yet a little more time
And btw, that possum would eat Chi-Chi for lunch. hehehe.
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