GOD!!!! One day my curiosity

GOD!!!! One day my curiosity will be the complete death of me. I had to peek at Suzanne’s journal. AARRRGGGHHH!!!! Thank god she cant read this, although when she finally finds this journal, I’m sure she’ll get pissed off.
I am doing self exploration on myself. Just because I am not sharing all of it on LJ or with HER, doesn’t mean I’m not doing it. I thought the self in self exploration meant “by ones self”. O.K. Venting over.
She is partly right though. I don’t think that I’m doing enough. I’ve discovered quite a bit about myself, but most of it just scares me. I’m not so sure that I want to find out more.
OK. I’m at work, so this isn’t a good time to do this. Maybe I’ll goto the library after work and post some major journal stuff.
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