I really got to fix

I really got to fix the dictionary. I wonder if I can get it to use my word dic. it has all my slang stuff added into it already.
Speaking of Livejournal, I’m not really liking the mood icons. I wish they had some like stephanie (I think her LJ name is punquin) and somebody else (I think it is either ginamoog of lunar-something). Hmmm I could go and look for them, but I would have to pass Suzanne’s journal to get to them and I don’t think I want to read what she has. I will probably be safer that way. Ignorance/bliss and all that. I wonder how long it will take her to find this journal. I founded on of her journals before, but I stopped reading it after the first day. Seeing her so sad just make me sick, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess there’s not such thing has an easy break up. Anyway, I need to goto sleep.
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