In the center of my own emotional hurricane…..

Today is not a pretty day. I’m suppose to be moving my stuff to my new temp apartment in SF, but I procrastinated during the morning, and now I’m going through boxes of letters, papers, and other misc. crap that I have collected trying to decide what to take to the apartment, what to store at the warehouse, and what to throw away. So I guess I’m not moving anything until tommorow.
I have pictures of the new place on my website if you want to check them out. What else. Nothing much really. Just been doing alot of thinking…O.K. so mostly I’ve been doing alot of avoiding and I’m just now am starting to think about what’s going on in my life. I’ve got lots to say and to spew, but not right now. I need to get this packing stuff done. I would like to make a trip tonight, but I think I will go tommorow.
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