[Listening to: God Don’t Make Lonely Girls – The Wallflowers – Bringing Down the Horse (04:49)]
The best part of this weekend had to be the dump that I just took. Man, talk about some nice and fresh manure
coming out of my ass. It felt good, esp. since I had to hold it from Mission Street.

So I head to my local WaMu branch and of course, I now have money in my account. So I get some out and head to BART. The thing that sucked was that I had to pay for parking again cause somebody took my spot. If they would have parked one space over, I could have reused that spot (the parking fee is for 24hrs,) Boarded BART and headed downtown and maybe I was a little tired, but I swear I didn’t hear the driver call my stop. Anyway, the next thing I know I am on my way to Oakland. Had to get off in West Oakland and catch a train back to S.F.

Eventually make my way to Pac Bell Park (Soon to be SBC Park, complete with LA Dodger Blue/white colors. 😛 )Met up with Amber, Rob, and Juan. Had a great time watching the
Giants clobber the Dodgers in the last game. Found out that they price drinks by the shot at the club level at Pac Bell i.e. the Mudslide on the rocks that I wanted would have
cost me $25. Amber got liquored up and still beat me going down the slides at the park.

Afterward went to the Academy of Art to meet up with Angie and Joy. Joy had to work, so Angie and I headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I have to say that the place lived up to the wait and to the hype, because the food was great (had Chicken and biscuits). Too full for cheesecake though; will get some next time. After that, we headed to Angie’s suite at the Renaissance Parc 55. OMG, talk about a room with a view. I have pictures; am going to try and piece together a

Left Angie’s early cause of my stomach and the fact that my body is tired. Alright, I really didn’t want to drop my bomb in her hotel room with her cousin’s on their way to the room. Hopefully the bathroom will clear up in an hour, cause I think that there is a 2nd run