.weekend update

– Money deposited into bank. Yay!

-Took BART to club; got in for free cause I was early.

-Didn’t know anyone at the club for 30-45min. Had 3 drinks.

-Angie and cousins show up. Yay! Had more drinks.

-Me (fucked up, but not showing) taking care of Angie (even more fucked up)

-Decide to leave before BART closes. CARD IS DECLINED w/$50 Bar Tab!?!?!

-Luckily, one of Angie’s cousins get the bill for me, I owe her big time.

-Somehow I escape to club and get myself lost trying to find a Washington Mutual.

-Find WaMU and find out that I am -$40!?!?!?

-Get even more lost trying to find club where Angie is at.

-Luckily I have $10 in pocket to catch BART home.

– Except that BART closes at 1AM, not 2Am on Sat.

-Wander the Tenderloin trying to find Polly Esters

-Find Polly Esters and get in cause I know the Bartender and the bar back.

-Hang out at Polly Esters for 4hrs. sobering up and watching white people who can’t dance.

-Spent hour mesmerizes by HOT lady with legs up to here and this much of a skirt on shake her thing on a table.

-Regret not going out and buying camera phone.

-Watch guys play great card game for an hour

-Get taken back to my car by Peter

-Get home at 5am


-get up at 11 and rush out the door to watch Giants last game.

-praying that there is money in my bank account

-praying that I don’t throw up.

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