.continuing with music

[Listening to: More Than a Woman – Aaliyah – Aaliyah (03:50)]
The two biggest albums that I am waiting for so far is the new Dave Matthews CD (just Dave, not the band), and Fiona Apple (which according to Columbia House, is suppose to come out this month.) With Dave, I’m kinda interested in hearing the rest of the album. I’ve heard the studio/radio version of Gravedigger, which I don’t care for too much (Although a live version of this song would def. be something to listen too). I also heard two more tracks that I liked, so I’m hoping that the entire album will be worth paying full price for. As for Fiona, I can’t find any info on her new album, which makes me believe that Columbia House is talking out of it’s ass about a new album
coming out.

Also pissed off with local radio, esp. Alice 97.3 I am saddened that they were voted best morning show by the Bay Guardian. Ugh…I’m sorry but I just HATE No Name more and more each time that I hear him and Sarah has become such a bitch. Hooman is annoying and stuff, but with all of the crap that he has to take, I actually feel more sorry for him. And don’t get me started about the handicap kid that they have. What, they couldn’t get Hammering Hank from Wyld, so they went out and found their own. I am not going to start on the hyprocracies that is the Dog House at Wyld 94.9.

Corporate Radio Still Sucks…