Friday Five for September 19th, 2003

[Listening to: Barrel of a Gun – Depeche Mode – The Singles 86>98 Disc 2 (05:27)]
1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?
I don’t have one particular favorite singer or musician that I like. There are a slew of artists that I like in all genres of music. At home, I put WMP on shuffle and go through all of my songs. Right now, I am trying to get lyrics to most of them and rate them, which is just a
Herculean task.
My current favorite is probably BT; I have
been playing his newest CD in my car nonstop now. At first, I was just listening to the single that is currently out, Somnambulist (which some stations call it “simply being love.”) However, I started listing to the rest of the CD and it is just awesome, from
beginning to end.

2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why? Like the singer/musicians that I like, there are lots of artists that I can’t stand. I guess right now, number 1 on my list would have to be Good Charlotte. **rolls my eyes** I just can’t STAND those bunch of no talent hacks.

3. If your favorite singer wasn’t in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person? Since I have never met BT, I don’t think that I can answer this question. I hope that he is/would be nice in person.

4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?
I have been to a few concerts. The best would had to have been the Dave Matthews Band.

5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from
downloading free music?
Personally, I don’t download that much music (I get it another way that is probably quasi-legal at best). and I have bought CD’s this year (mainly because in a fit of depression I signed up for Columbia House). I think that the RIAA is right in it’s pursuit of people downloading music. However, the way that they have attempted to pursue these people is wrong. The RIAA shouldn’t/doesn’t have the authority to issue
subpoenas. And then to go after a 12 year old is just wrong. Did no one in the RIAA see the bad PR they would get from doing this. I also think that the music industry is responsible for the position that they are in now. Let’s face it, the music
industry is just ugly. All of the artists sound the same; I am SO tired of new artists being compared to other artists. I want something new, fresh, unique. And then CD prices; I’m sorry, I refuse to pay $18-$20 for a crap,
over processed CD with maybe 1-2 songs on it.
MTV has also had a role to play in music demise. And the radio
industry, oy vey. Clear Channel is the devil’s radio station, if you didn’t know. I hear the same songs over and over again on all the
stations that are owned by the same company. The playlists are so rigid and narrow, it’s quite sad really. And I see no improvement in sight for the next couple of years.

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