What to listen to…Oh, another

What to listen to…Oh, another gripe. I wish that the music indicator worked for other stuff instead of just winamp. I guess it would be too much to make it work for all CD players; and Wimamp is the most popular music program out there. I probably one of the few people that don’t have it. Anyways, I think Madonna – Something to Remember will be appropiate tonight….
I want you, the right way, but I want you to want me too….
Take a bow, the night is over, this masque is getting older….
This used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dream…
You abandoned me, Love don’t live here anymore, just a vacancy, love don’t live here anymore…
I took your love for granted, thought luck was always on my side, I turned around to late, and you were gone..
Yes, this is def. what I want to listen to. I just wish that they had Bad Girl on this album. I really love that song, and it’s not on this or Immaculate Collection. I guess I’ll have to buy Erotica then. Ok, sleep time
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