.Her royal highness has left.

[Listening to: Lil’ Jack Slade – Dixie Chicks – Home (02:24
Kiesha has left the room, and now I have my bed back to myself.

Anyway, took a stroll around the neighborhood. Went down to the beach where the view was beautiful. The moon is up in the sky in quarter, the starts are out in the sky, and in the distance, the fog plays on the surface of the ocean. I even saw the Big Dipper in the sky. Well, I think it was the Big Dipper; I seem to remember getting into an argument with Steve Madonna about this topic at one time. I thought that the sand would still have some heat, so I walked barefoot in the sand. I was wrong, but is felt good all the same. Only a few fires on the beach tonight, since this is a
school night. On the weekend, it is a completely different story, has the beach is just littered with bonfires. I tried to take a picture once, but it didn’t come out.

Headed up to the shopping center and to Starbucks, where I got my Vanilla Creme frap (which I am slowly
becoming addicted to.) Was reminded of several things, like I need to goto Payless and get another pair of shoes, since my Payless brand Sketchers sneakers are worn. Also could just another pair of work shoes. And then I need to fill out my Ross application and turn that in. Also need to get an application from
Radio shack and Cingular.

Anyway, I am home now. I should be cleaning my room and putting my clothes away. However, like Amy, I am feeling a slight creative burst, and I think that I am going to work on the site design. Got some ideas in my head and in my written journal that might be ready to come out.

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