.weekend update -Embarcadero & Japantown

April comming up the stairs at The Embarcadero Center

So today, after waking up and stuff, I headed out to Downtown S.F. to meet April for lunch at
Pizzeria Uno and then to Japantown. Fiddled around with my finances and determined that I had about $4 in change. Which would just be enough for me to take BART from Balboa Park Station to Downtown and then to catch a bus to Japantown. Decided to try my luck with parking downtown even though there was a Giant’s game today. After having a couple of spots taken from me, found a space a couple blocks away from the Embarcadero station. I had left super early figuring that it would take me a good amount of time driving to find a
space. So I had plenty of time to wait for April. Went to the Embarcadero Center and walked around some of the shops, but nothing really caught my eye. Ended up on a bench next to the Hyatt and started writing in my journal. Mainly, I just worked on some site designs for this site. But I also tried to make up a writing game, where I would try and write as much as I could about the people
coming out of the BART station. In hind sight, I should have done like every 10th or 20th person, so I could really write. Has is was, it turned out to be a game of 5 word description, which I gave up when the Asian tour group popped out.

**sigh** There WAS this one person that would have been a great write up. She was an Hispanic lady, in her early 20’s, wearing some really tight
Capri’s and this really tight lt. blue shirt that was too small for her. Oh yes, the belly was hanging out. And it wasn’t like it was an accident that she was wearing it. No, she was proud of what she had on. I was having this battle in my head over if I should write about her, take a picture, or just ignore her. Has I’m having this inner battle, she is on the phone talking to someone and then to my amazement SHE RUBS HER BELLY. We are talking about Fat Bastard from Austin Powers rubbing belly. OMG, I was just stunned. **shivers**

Anyway, April arrived at S.F. a station ahead of where I was at, so we both started walking to the Embarcadero Center to
Pizzeria Uno, We get there only to discover that they have closed this location (I found out that they are on 101 down by the Marina district.) So we walked to my car and drove to Japantown. We had lunch and then I mostly followed April around has she filled up on stuff. *sigh** Once again, I have to say that I have loss my shopping ability. Everything I saw was just so ho-hum. It’s sad really. Anyway we got some crepes at Sophie’s…I wonder if we were talking too loud. Alot of R rated comments flying around us, but I don’t think that there were any kids around. A highlight had the be the group that wheeled away a gumball machine. No one
stopped them. I did ask in one store about the PS2 adapter, but they didn’t sell PS2 stuff. πŸ™ Drove back to downtown, where we tried to find out where they moved Sephora (it’s on Powell street now) but the building was already demolished.

It was a good day and I’m glad I spent it with April. She made a comment about the clouds/fog rolling into the city. I kinda brushed it off until I was going home, when I saw the fog just rolling over Twin Peaks and the Sutro Tower. I guess I had to see it in a bigger context. And oh yeah, she also got me two presents: Cowboy Bebop CD, which is
excellent. And this cute Zodiac Tiger keychain that I will have to take a picture of once I find my keys (they are on the floor somewhere)

So my room is a mess from me looking for my Renaissance Hat the night before. I should clean it, but I think that I am going to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully Samsung will call me tomorrow with the O.K. to return my monitor.

I know it is not raining, but I swear it sounds like it is. The fog must be f’ing heavy tonight.

[Listening to: A View to a Kill – Duran Duran – Greatest (03:35)

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