The rest of today was

The rest of today was O. K. Spent the morning fiddling with my computer. I installed another 256MB RAM into it on Thursday and ever since, it has been crashing like crazy. Tomorrow I think that I will take it out and return it to the company for a new memory module.
When up to Antioch to see Suzanneand then we headed off to her Grandmother house for a little while. Then we went to Fairfield where we saw Kiss Of The Dragon with faeriequeen, joe_black, and convalescence. A bit too bloody for Suzanne’s taste, but it wasn’t a bad American attempt at a Hong Kong action flick. Afterwards, we went to the Rice Kitchen, were we talked about clowns and mimes (clowns are demons and mimes are clown assassins; silent and deadly), Trader Joe’s (it’s a gateway to Hell), Apple computers (**rolling my eyes**) among other things. The food was O. K. but the company def. made it better.
Anything else? Watching Babylon 5 has got me yearning for space combat, so I am starting to play X-Wing again. I never did destroy the Death Star, so I think I will be playing that for awhile. Then after, I can switch roles and play TIE Fighter. Or maybe I’ll play both. Hmmmmm
O. K. I need to take some pink stuff for the Chinese Food in my stomach and then I think that I will hit the sack.
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