Chasing the moon to San Francisco…

Did anybody see the moon tonight? Comming home from Suzanne’s, I saw it in the sky hanging over the Vallajo/Benicia skyline. It seemed so close to the sky; like if I turned towards Hwy 80, I could reach out and grab it by time I was in Davis or Sacramento. But I decided to be the grownup that supposily I am and turned toward Hwy 24 and home.
But has I was driving on Hwy 24, going through the hills and valleys of Layfette and Orinda, I could see the moon, peeking over the hills and through the trees, begging me to run with it over the hills and through the valleys.
So I spead, which is usually impossible in the Metro, but tonight the Metro zoomed on the highway, weaving in and out of traffic, chasing the moon, always seemingly getting closer and closer.
I flew out of the Caldecott Tunnel and around the Oakland Hills, expecting to find the moon waiting for me. But has I came around that hill, I caught a fleeting glimpse of the moon, slowly falling asleep, pulling the thick San Francisco fog over it, like a fluffy down comforter.
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