The crash continues

Well, it’s 4:30 and I’ll still ticking. I had another KKD (custard fill) to keep me going. The warehouse is a mess and I have half a mind just to leave it this way. Except that Brian, Amber’s boss, is comming in to open the warehouse for peter and tim on Monday and I don’t want him to see it messy. So I guess I will stay and clean up.
There are a couple of KKD left, but I am so full. That’s all that I have had all day long and I am feeling really sick. The pains that I cast upon myself for the pleasures that come from KKD.
OK. Let me start cleaning up so I can get out of here befroe it starts to get cold.
Current mood: sick
Current music: Listening to KZQZ 95.7 on the Radio

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