Daily Archives: November 21, 2000

The one where he realizes that he’s in trouble with his paper for his class….

So I’ve been at the library for the last two hours and have come to the realization that I might be in trouble with the paper that I have to write for my California History class. Most of the books on the subject are checked out and it looks like that the SF library system has been raided too. The two topics that he gave us are to compare LA and SF and to argue with of the two cities is more Californian. The second question is to compare Californian cities and their hinderlands and are the cities exploitive; i.e. Does the bay area exploit the farm lands like out in Tracy for it’s own good. Or we can create our own question. I was going to do the gold rush, but it looks like there will be plenty of those kind of papers.
What if I did a paper comparing Japanese and Chinese experiences in California through children books? Then I could use the books that I used in my Asian Amer. Children Lit class last year and take stuff from my final and my term paper for that class. Hmmm. Well, I just want to go home and curl up in my bed, except the bastard roommate is there farting his ass off. Well, the library is closing in 30 min. I think I will look around a little more and then come back tommorow morning to see if I can find any books to take with me. Otherwise, I see myself spending most of my vacation at Barnes & Nobles working on this paper 😛
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The one where he should be asleep (the sequel)

But his roommates woke him up, so while he was listening to them read their chinese horiscopes (one is a dragon and the other is a goat; I am a tiger)I decided to work on the one of the animated gif that I wanted to do. The thing is that the original gif looked cool, but it was too big (**rolling my eyes**)so I had to trim it down to what is is now. I think that paid users should get a little more space for their icons. Anyway, the guys are done and I think I will try to goto sleep before the bastard comes home.
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