Daily Archives: November 2, 2000

The one where he gets his computer back and tries to get out of his funk…

Well, after a week, I finally have my baby back with a new CD-RW installed. And they did it for free at Gateway Country. Whoohoo!!! Anyway, I still need to try the CD Burning part out, but I’m waiting until the weekend when I can make something good like a mix CD or something since I only have one CD-R and one CD-RW.
I was hoping that Suzanne would be online, and she might be, or she might have just gotten off line. I love you honey and I’ll see you tommorow. Good luck at the DA’s.
I have been in a terrible mood for the last week. Tonight was fun though. Mike, Randy, and I hung out in the living room at talked about everything from 80’s R&B slow songs to our top five women list. Quetzal was in the other room sleeping away.
Anyway, I am going to hit the sack. I’ll use the weekend to try to catch up on all the computer stuff that I’ve been missing out on. Night y’all.
Current mood: content
Current music: Mike walking back and forth from the kitchen to his room