Daily Archives: November 17, 2000

The crash continues

Well, it’s 4:30 and I’ll still ticking. I had another KKD (custard fill) to keep me going. The warehouse is a mess and I have half a mind just to leave it this way. Except that Brian, Amber’s boss, is comming in to open the warehouse for peter and tim on Monday and I don’t want him to see it messy. So I guess I will stay and clean up.
There are a couple of KKD left, but I am so full. That’s all that I have had all day long and I am feeling really sick. The pains that I cast upon myself for the pleasures that come from KKD.
OK. Let me start cleaning up so I can get out of here befroe it starts to get cold.
Current mood: sick
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Lunchtime update

I am slowly coming down from my KKD sugar high. That and the fact that I woke up so early is really weighing me down. I’m trying to get all of this paperwork done so that these returns can go out on monday. I’m missing paperwork and boxes. Arrgh. And then there are all the orders tha I need to fill and the recieving that I need to do. I think that I’ll be working late tonight. Or maybe I’ll come in tommorow, but I need to goto the library and get some books for the paper that I need to do. Decisions, decisions.
Relationships are so wierd, esp. the one that Suzanne and I have. We are so 360 and we yo-yo so much. O.K. I probably yo-yo more than she does. But it just amazes me that we are together. We fight and argue and stuff, but the truth is that I only feel truly better when she is around. Otherwise, I just get down and eventually depresseed. I think that I’m addicted to her.
BTW, I’m pimp as shit according to kabuki. Ya know it, dawgs.
back to work…
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the one where he get up at the butt crack of dawn for revenge and doughnuts

So I get up at 5am today. **sigh** I still can’t believe that I was actually up that early. I am not a morning person. But I had my reason. The first reason was to get back at my bastard roommate, Quetzal. You see every morning, Quetzal gets up before me to goto school. And in the process of getting ready, he succeeds in banging every drawer that he has, slaming the metal closet doors serveral times looking for something to wear, using his annoying loud cell phone has his alarm clock and taking forever to turn it off. But the kicker is that efore he leaves, he always rummages through the nightstand that is inbetween our beds and spends a minute scrounging for change in his penny bowl that is also on the nightstand. Well today, it was my turn.
Revenge….some say that it doesn’t take that good; that it’s not satifying. Others say that it might taste alright, but it eventually leaves you empty. Well, for me this act of revenge ws well worth it’s price of waking up so early. And I know that it really just a petty piece of revenge that I did. It’s not earth shattering and it’s not going to change the sitation in the apartment. But for me, has I slammed the door to our room and hear him muttering behind me, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get back those few extra hours of sleep that I took from him, I was having the most wonderful fuzzy feeling of complete revenge that I haven’t felt or tasted in quite a long time.
But even has good has that bit of revenge tasted, it was only an appetizer to the delious feast that I had at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
**pause here to have another KKD and to just savior it and the flavor and feeling that it brings**
O.K. So I took the drive down to Union City from SF to get myself and the guys some KKD. I guess it is manditory to bring in doughnuts in on Friday. And since this is my first time opening (I usually work afternoons), I was told to get some. But I can’t eat just regular doughnuts anymore. I can’ t believe that I did eat regular doughnts before and thought that they were good. KKD redefined what a doughnut is suppose to be and taste like. So I got an assorted dozen and some ho glazed for myself. I was in my car for 15-20min, just savioring the warm glazed doughnuts. **sigh** I wish that I could have gotten more, but I am short on funds since the creditors caught me (more on that in another post). Well, I’m at work now, and it is warm enough now that I can get some of this paperwork done. I wonder if I can get off early since I got here early. We’ll see.
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