Daily Archives: November 16, 2000

My girl is playing Bust-A-Move

My girl is playing Bust-A-Move 4 (the bubble game, not the dance game) and she is kicking ass!!!! Beauty and Skill all in one package. God, what a lucky guy I am.
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I love my girlfriend. She

I love my girlfriend. She came to visit me at work to cheer me up. Then she help me get back at my roommate and then she took me to dinner. I love her. I love you honey
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The one where he is a raging Bitch

I’m not even going to waste the energy to post something. All I have are bitch comments to make today. Serraph, thanks for putting up with me on the phone tonight. I promise to try to be civil tommorow. I have the water boiling for the PMS tea, so I should be OK.

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