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1 Can of Cambels soup.

1 Can of Cambels soup. (chicken, potato, cheese, ???)
1 can Canada Dry Ginger Ale
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3 packets of Baked Apple

3 packets of Baked Apple Oatmeal
1 cup Nescafe Frothe
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The one following the Thanksgiving Aftermath….

Well after one of the worse Thanksgivings ever…
Hmmm too harsh…
Actually, it was bad at all. It wasn’t the Thanksgiving that I was expecting, but in the end most of it was salvaged.
I am still bummed about missing my flight to Seattle to see my parents. But Thanksgiving dinner at Serraph’s was pretty fun, if a bit different and unorthidox (sp?) The Turkey was excellent, it was pretty moist and not too dry. The ‘taters and the stuffing was good too. And for dessert, Mrs Larson (serraph’s mom) made a blue chocolate creme pie in my honor, since I missed my flight. I guess the thing with me is that the Thanksgiving dinner is usually a formal affair and this one ws very informal. Well, after Serraph and her sister Kimberly almost got into a major fight, we fled to Jason’s house to play Monopoly. That was kind of wierd too because usually Thanksgiving is about the family and the whole day is a family day. But Serraph and Kimberly were really about to kill each other and Suzanne is really close to Jason’s Family. So I guess that is her pass to be let in. Anyway, the Monopoly game was pretty fun. It was the first time in a LONG time that I have played with 8 people. Jason’s whole family is so cool. They are not overly family (like the Flanders on the Simpsons) and I’m sure that they have their problems and stuff. But compare to other families that I have seen, I would have to rank them high. Well, Jason ended up winning the game (he won with the magenta properties). Suzanne came in second and I came in third. I knew I wasn’t going to win, because I was getting mostly small rolls and it took me awhile to go around the board. Also the only monopoly I had was the dark blues (park place and boardwalk). Late in the game I took a chance that someone (Jason) would land on Boardwalk, so I developed them up to hotels. It was a good strategy because Jason needed either a 5 or 7 to land on my property. And also we had gone through most of the chance cards and the Adv. to Boardwalk card hadn’t been picked up yet. But he was able to roll pass and eventually I got bought out. But it was a pretty good game. Alot more civilized than the cutthroat games I play with Dan’s wife jen and her sisters 😉 After the game, Jason offered to treat us to a movie. So after picking up his friends (super-doomie, heh-heh) we went to see Unbreakable with Bruse Willis and Samuel Jackson. I thought that The Sixth Day with Arnold was bad. At least with The Sixth Day, if you went drink to the movie, you could enjoy it. This movie was so slow and the story was so…well I guess the story could have been. The acting was excellent, but even good acting couldn’t save this movie.
O.k. mike is us and needs to use the phone, so I will update later
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