Daily Archives: November 22, 2000

**sigh** When it rains it

When it rains it pours, I guess.
Life had been going pretty well for me anyway.
I needed to get kicked off this cloud that I was kinda hovering on.
I think I need tequilla and sleep…
Current mood: crushed
Current music: Uninvited – Alannis Morisette

The one where he misses his flight for Thanksgiving….

Well, instead of landing at SeaTac about now, I am home cause I missed my flight. Long story short, I tried to take the back streets of Hayward to get to the airport and got stuck instead. Even if I would have stayed on the freeway, I still would have missed the flight though. I left my apt at 2pm thinking that 3hrs would be enough time. The next flight out would have been at 8:45pm and it was 60 people overbooked and the standby line was at 20. So I won’t get to see my parents. Instead, I will have Thanksgiving dinner with Suzanne’s family. Not that I won’t enjoy dinner with them, but I really miss my family. I haven’t seen them since Easter and I was really looking forward to being up there with them and recentering myself. **sigh** O.K. I am getting tearied eyed. I hope everybody in LJ land has a happy thanksgiving.
Current mood: disappointed
Current music: Listening to Serraph slurp her soup

Tiger & Ram according to Chinese Astrology by Man-Ho Kwak

While the tiger needs independence to pursue new interests, the ram needs independence to contemplate or to dream but also requires the added dimension of security and reassurance. The ram does not want to be left to fend off strangers, cope with confrontations or be asked to fight for aa new cause, and the tiger can provide the security and the care that the ram needs without making unnecessary demands. THe tiger usually knows how far to intercede on the ram’s behalf without appearing over -protective. These two signs combine well as they have a mutural respect, but it is important that neither feels trapped in the relationship.
Current mood: tired
Current music: Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots