Lunchtime update

I am slowly coming down from my KKD sugar high. That and the fact that I woke up so early is really weighing me down. I’m trying to get all of this paperwork done so that these returns can go out on monday. I’m missing paperwork and boxes. Arrgh. And then there are all the orders tha I need to fill and the recieving that I need to do. I think that I’ll be working late tonight. Or maybe I’ll come in tommorow, but I need to goto the library and get some books for the paper that I need to do. Decisions, decisions.
Relationships are so wierd, esp. the one that Suzanne and I have. We are so 360 and we yo-yo so much. O.K. I probably yo-yo more than she does. But it just amazes me that we are together. We fight and argue and stuff, but the truth is that I only feel truly better when she is around. Otherwise, I just get down and eventually depresseed. I think that I’m addicted to her.
BTW, I’m pimp as shit according to kabuki. Ya know it, dawgs.
back to work…
Current mood: calm
Current music: Listening to KFOG on the radio

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