So I found out about

So I found out about my financial aide. I’m only a 3/4 student and not a full time student cause I’m taking 10 instead of 12 units. so I’m going to lose some grants, but I can make it up in loans if I want. have to think about it. I really want a CD burner. heh-heh.
So my classes yesterday. The Asians hist classes are going to be tough, I think. Partly cause of the teacher and partly cause of the books. They are pretty confusing and seem to jump all over Chinese history. I guess I will keep my old books to help me out, since they were easier to read and understand.
The California class is going to be interesting. There is so much about California Hist that I don’t know about. California is so versatile and dynamic, so many different things and cultures and ideas. And I like the teacher, so I hope this will be a good class.
Today I have Karate. And then work. And then laundry. Maybe groceries. Ok. Gotta go.
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