The one where Joe goes back to school

At the midway point of the first day of school. One more class to go, then work. yuck. Well the new bookstore looks pretty nice. Supplies and Gifts are still fixing things up in their section, but it’s looks all pretty and shinny.
My California History class is going to be really interesting. The Asian history classes (Hist of Early China and Women in Chinese/Japanese Hist.) will be anything but. All of my teachers are grad students finishing their M.A.’s so I’m not sure of the quality of the letures are going to be. We’ll see. Tommorow all I have is karate, so that shouldn’t be any problem.
I got a couple of more minutes until my next class, so I guess I’ll surf a bit be then
Current mood: okay
Current music: typing of other students in th ecomputer lab

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