So tommorow is school. I

So tommorow is school. I have no money (although I get paid tommorow) and I am not ready. I thought that i could use the same books but it looks like I will have to buy all new books. And they don’t look like that they are much fun; no pictures. **sigh** I have class from 9-1 with a break from 11-12.
The big thing is that amber is going to be alone for most of the day. I’m really worried about that. I don’t want her to get hit hard fro all the orders that will come. I hope that all will be good. Screw everybody else at the bookstore; my loyalty is to Amber. She is so kick ass; I’m talking lay life down for her.
Speaking of, I might be babysitting her 6 year old son, Brock, on Friday. God, I haven’t babysitted in quite awhile. Looks like Pokemon and Digimon movies for friday night. Maybe I can find a Transformers tape and show his some old school cartoons.
Talked to Shawn. Ren Faire trip is in the works, maybe for this weekend. I doubt this weekend, but we’ll see. I really want to goto Mega Buzz (a rave), but since it’s out in the central valley, I want someone to go with me. Hopefully, I can find tiffany or Kevin who might want to go with me.
I gotso much stuff to do, like figure out the parking issue. I guess they are making the parking garage a day only garage, not semseter permits. The exception is for people living on campus. I don’t know if I count in that. If I do, then I’ll get the $81 permit (yikes!!!) and park my car in the garage, even though it’s about 10min away for my apt. Otherwise I have to play the parking game again. Last semester, it costed me $150 in tickets. Hopefully this semsester, I can play it a little better.
Since I will be in Park Merced for awhile, I need to settle down and buy some stuff, like real silverware, pans. frames for pictures, cleaning supplies, and real food. When I went shopping last, I was buying just enough until I moved. So now, I need to dig in here. I guess I should make another go trying to be friendly with the bastard roommate. I guess it would help by not calling him a bastard. Hmmm. This is going to be a long semester
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