Just got back for the

Just got back for the bookstore and I’m pissed. It seems that the peons in S/R ave forgotten me and the fear that I bring. Hmm, I think i might have to make more trips to the store to remind them why I’m the one that they need to fear. Muh hahahaha.
Anyways **rolling my eyes**
Still about a week behind on stuff. I’ll probably pop in tommorow to work half a day on stuff. Fun, Fun, Fun.
Tommorow is when Marie leaves for Boston. I wonder how Shawn is holding up. It will be two weeks before he goes out there for job interviews. And then in another 2-3 weeks he will be out there too. I wonder if Jason has moved in yet?
Thinking about going to a nude beach this weekend. Ok. I would like to do it. Don’t know where any are at and with the fog, I wonder just how warm it could actually get. But i think it would be cool just to lay down and feel the sun all over you body; maybe with a light breeze floating over you. Hmm.
Anyway. Back to work.
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