Three wierd dreams. The first

Three wierd dreams. The first one was a sex dream, but I don’t really remember it. Wait, I remember now. I was sleeping and I was hearing noises and I thought that Questal was having sex with someone in his bed, with me in the room. Actually this has happened before. It was at a baskin robbins party that we had at the motel 8. It totally sucks, cause it’s driving you crazy, listening to these people having sex, but you can’t do anything. Anyway, I woke up and it was just Questal making wierd noises (he talks to himself alot). Anyway when I woke up, I was out in the living room on the couch and there was Questal, Mike, Randy, and this middle age asian guy moving stuff in. I got my stuff and went back to my room, and all of my stuff had been moved out. I went back to the living room and was yelling at people, when this big indian guy came out of the kitchen and said that it was his stuff and what was I going to do. So I went up to him, and he punched me. That’s when I really woke up. That was wierd. So I kinda went back to sleep and then Brittany Spears came into my room. WTF?!? Anyway, she got on top of me and started grinding on me. She let her hair fall over her face and then she flipped it up, and it was Suzanne on me. She was like, “Fuck me Joe. Right now.” I was like, “what?”. And she said, “I don’t care about my virginity. Just fuck me now.” So of course I woke up before I found out what happen. Lots of sexual frustration. Anyway, late for work. Gotta go.
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