The One where Joe realizes that he is a city bitch and proud of it

I survived the wilderness of lake tahoe. I have so much to say, but I’ve spent the last hour listening to Michael play Dave Matthews on his guitar, and it reminded me of her. It’s interesting how we can link things, places, and ideas to people. I should bust out the Michael W. Smith, the Paula Abdul, and the Wilson Phillips and really get weepy-eyes.
Well, I decided to officially make Vallejo and Solano a No-Fly zone. I think that it will be better this way. What do I mean by No-Fly zone. Well basicly, if I want to get to Sacramento from S.F., then I need to drive on hwy 24 to Walnut Creek and then take 680 to Benicia and Cordellia to 80 instead of driving on 80. Sounds stupid, I know. But there was a time that Hwy 13 was off limits to me and that I couldn’t drive in Hayward.
Then there is the email, web site, and this thing. Should I make a whole new screen name and change everything to hide from her? That would probably be really childish, and the fact that it would be too much trouble. Besides, if she wants to inflict pain on herself, then that is her choice, just like it is my choice to inflict pain on myself.
O.K. time to pop Paula into the CD player and goto sleep. Tommorow I will do a huge update with the camping trip and everything.
Current mood: nostalgic
Current music: Paula Abdul – Missing You

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