Ok. about to split from

Ok. about to split from work. I have to return Diablo II **sniff, sniff** and then go home and call Shawn about camping this weekend. I kinda want to chicken out of it, but this will be the last time I see Marie, so I’ll bite the bullet and go get lost in the wilderness. Man, I am so tired. School starts in two weeks and all hell is slowly breaking out here at the warehouse and at the store.
I wonder what to cook for dinner? maybe some Raviolli? i think that I will just have a salad, since I had junk food today. I wonder who is going to be home. now that we have cable, I want to watch wrestling, but I’m sure the roommates will say something about it, esp. Questal. Hmm. I guess I’ll play on he computer by myself and be the social misfit.
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