SO Great America was great.

SO Great America was great. I rode almost all of the roller coasters, including Stealth. The line was 2hr long, but Stealth was a great ride; I was cussing and screaming all over the place. I also won a tiger doll and a Power Puff Girl doll. The tiger I am def. keeping, but the Power Puff Girl, I will end up giving away. Just a matter of who and how?
The park ws totally empty when we got there at 11am. We were on Top Gun in minutes. maybe tens of minutes. we really didn’t hit a line until Grizzly. It was the first time that I didn’t see hoochie mamas and hotties there. All the girls were jailbait. We didn’t see any older girls until later in the day. What else? Girls really love the Power Puff Girls. I was waiting for the group to finish riding Vortex, and all of these girls came over to me, saying how they loved my PowerPuff doll. This one girl was all over me so much, that her boyfriend left the video game he was playing and took his girl away. It was pretty funny.
Actually, I got a little sick midway during the day, that’s why I didn’t ride Vortex. I also forgot to get a funnel cake. Damn! Maybe next time. I did pick up a shot glass for Terresa though. I don’t know why. Me and her are on good terms I guess, but I doubt that we will ever be friends, and defeintly nothing more than that. So why do I continue to get her shot glasses, and I have gotten her quite a bit of them. partly habit, I guess. But I guess there is a part of me that would like to try to pact things up with her, or at the very least, keep a civil line of communication between up, since we have to work with each other sometimes. Hmmm. It just bothers me a bit, for some reason.
So this weekend is the camping trip. I am going to borrow stuff from Amber to save money. But I am worried; I have never been camping, an i think this is going to be quite the adventure. Shawn and Marie have been camping before, but I was counting on Bryon’s skill to be there. But he’s not comming, so hopefully we can manage.
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