OK. So after stormng the

OK. So after stormng the gates of hell and getting my ass killed a couple of times, I finally pulled myself away from Diablo II. I am pretty far ahead, that I won’t have to worry about SHawn catching up to me.
So for another weekend, I have totally wasted it. I didn’t do anything productive with it. I had so many things that I could have done with it, but I just lounged around and played games, and watched T.V. And you know what, I feel good about it. I can here PD saying how could I waste a weekend like that. And I’m sure Suzanne would say why wasn’t I getting my life together. But you know what? I’m happy like this I liked being alone and just wasting time. Not having to deal with any of the issues that are going on in my life. During the week, I usually end up thinking about stuff, so I like the fact that I haven’t really thought about much this weekend.
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