Just played Diablo II for

Just played Diablo II for 6 hrs. straight. I am tired and my eyes hurt, but I feel good about it. I didn’t pass Act III, but I am almost at the end of the level, and it will take awhile for Shawn to catch up with me.
Well, my car is def. dying. i need to get it into the shop. Except I have no money until the 14th. I need to do laundry too. I think I have enough to do a couple of loads of laundry and get gas to last me until pay day. Maybe Shawn has some that he can let me borrow. We’ll see.
I think that I’m going to goto sleep now. Or maybe I’ll finishing scanning the Sr. Prom pictures. Hmmm…..
I am proud og myself that I haven’t taken a peek at Suzanne journal. For the moment, we are at peace with each other, but I wonder how long we can walk on this tightrope that we call a friendship. Hopefully I long time, but I’m not so sure.
Ok sleep time.
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