Tiger on the prowl

So today was just a crappy day. The highlight had to be when I got the forklift stuck twice at work. PD and AW had to help me out. AW was def. not happy about it, but I guess I deserved it after the crack I made about her being drunk today. Anyway, around 10-11, Suzanne called to tell me that she has to go back to court for her hearing on the 5th of Sept. We had a good conversation, but has usual, if feels like she is tying to push her agenda on me. That is probably the wrong thing to say, but, I don’t think she has found this yet. She can get mad over it when she finds this journal or when I make it public, whichever comes first. Meanwhile, I’ve been hunting around for her second journal, when she starts to post back at her old journal. I wonder if she is keeping both of them. I scanned some more pics; these were of the senior trip to SoCal. Maybe I’ll post them on an alumni web page or something. I really wasn’t into my class; I don’t know what’s going on with any of them except for KS, but that’s because he is MS sister. Anyhow, I’m tired and getting fat, so I’m going to sleep.
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