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And it gets a little worse

Has I lock myself out of my house (I grabbed my work keys instead of my house keys). Had to wait 45 min for the courtesy patrol to open the door for me. And yet, I think that I will make another attempt to leave my house to do laundry and to maybe go grocery shopping. One more thing happens though, and I am barricading myself in my room underneath the covers until the weekend is over.
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It’s only 11:30am and I’ve already been made a fool of…

Not exactly, but still. I was downstairs eating and watching Sat. cartoon and I didn’t hear my cell phone. So I come back up and there is a missed call from Suzanne. So of course I call her back and of course I get my hopes crushed cause she accidentally called my number cause it’s right next to the redial button. **sigh** . Oops, sorry. **sigh** I’m pretty sure that the whole day is ruined, but maybe I can salvage it.
Anyway, frustrating things in my life include my inability to update my web page. Since this is a holiday weekend, I doubt that I’ll get any help until next week. Poop!
The web cam that I brought back is working though. That’s a good thing. The only bad thing is that I can only get it working online with Yahoo. So if you go to Yahoo Messenger and look for dark_tygre, you can see me in all of my nappiness.
Was trying to get it to work with Camarades, but the picture is not working. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Also want to use it with my chat programs, but it doesn’t work with the free version of Trillian. Guess I will have to save some money to buy the pro version.
So what am I doing today? Besides of my usual thoughts on Suzanne, I need to finish writing emails to peoples. Also should either go grocery shopping or to the laundromat today. I swear, my whole life is freakin washing clothes.
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Thanksgiving 2002

Tomorrow I get on a plane and fly back to S.F. Sad and relieved at the same time. Mom has shitloads of air sealed food for me to take back. Should save me another week of grocery shopping.
As much as I would like to think that I am an independent entity, I’m acutally just a heavenly body that circles my mother, much like the rest of my family. The only difference is that at this moment I have the farthest orbit from her. **sigh** My brother has gone through so much being at home.
The biggest decision I have to make is whether I stay in orbit or break away.
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Enjoying a piece of post

Enjoying a piece of post Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Life isn’t that bad right now.
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That is all.
ETA of finish turkey: Hopefully in 30 min, but could be another 2 hours. BLAH!!!!!
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Turkey Day

And I guess plans changed again so we have having a package turkey deal. **sigh** It will still be good, just take long to fix.
Anyway, one of the things I do while I’m up here is relive the past with all of my high school stuff. Pictures, letters, and items from friends. And then there is April’s stuff…
April stuff, being April’s, is in it’s own box. Most of it is letters in a keepsake box from The Bombay Company.
**side note** Vanessa Carlston is pretty cute.
Anyway, usually I spend a day pouring over the letters, rereading them looking for insight and to learn from the past. Didn’t really do that this time. Of course I read THE LETTER (more on that later), but that was about it. This time I listened to a tape that she made me. That was a fun rememberance to listen to again. I haven’t even finished it yet, I decided to listen to the rest of it tonight. Mostly it was her rambling, trying to aviod the point of the tape. Lots of her sniffing (she had a runny nose). Some of her singing. Still, one of the best things about April is that she is so fasinating. There is just something about her that makes people take notice of her. She just has that je ne sai quoi to her.
I still need to take pictures of the house before I leave tomorow. And I still have so many emails to write. But dad is here with the turkey, so off i go
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I hate when you type

I hate when you type something out and then it get’s deleted. Blah.
Anyway, enjoy Washington, even thought it’s cold.
Will take pictures later
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So much for the diet….

**sigh** I swear, my mom is just going to fatten me up for the week that I am here. Oh well, it’s part of the job description, I guess.
Anyway, am really enjoying myself here. Haven’t done a single thing, except laundry.
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Horoscopes and old music….

Horoscope from MSN: You may disagree, but you can’t deny. If you hurt someone, apologize. And mean it.
I think I know what it means, but not to who
Anyway, dad was cleaning out his tape collection (Cassettes, the things before CD’s) and he found one of my old mix tapes. **clears throats**

    Toni Braxton – Breathe Again (reprise)
    Celine Dion – Nothing Broken But My Heart
    Linda Ronstadt – Cry Like a Rainstorm
    George Michael – Praying For Time
    U2 – One
    Indigo Girls – Romeo & Juliet
    Mariah Carey – Without You
    Wilson Phillips – Eyes Like This
    Janet Jackson – Someday Is Tonight
    Bruce Springstein – Book of Dreams
    Chicago – Will You Still Love Me
    Bryan Adams – Do I Have To Say The Words
    U2 – So Cruel
    Mariah Carey – Just To Hold You Again
    Celine Dion – With This Tear
    George Michael – Cowboys & Angels
    Linda Ronstadt & Arron Nevvile – Don’t Know Much
    Madonna – Bad Girl

When I broke up with Kathy, I decided that the best way to get over her was to make mix tapes of all the love songs that I had, listen to them, cry my heart out, and then I could move on. Ended up being 12-15 100min tapes of songs, and I didn’t exactlty get over Kathy after I had finish listening to them. **sigh** I never should have given all of those CD’s to Mew. Eh, mayybe I should, I was making a new beginning after all
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Home on the range…

Well, I made it to Washington, Port Orchard to be exact. The plane ride went smooth; no lines, I had a whole row to myself, and we got in 10 min. early. Don’t think that I’m going to get that ticket voucher on Friday. We’ll see. Anyway, Dad picked me up and brought me to the house. They have really made some changes to the place. They got the front landscaped and the house painted. They also painted a bit on the inside and moved stuff around also. Will def. have to take some pictures. Mom was knocked out for most of the night; apparently, she spent the most of last night and this morning cleaning the house from top to bottom for me. She’s still crazy as ever. Eric came home from work at around 9pm while me and Dad were watching the football game. He is surviving…**sigh** I listened to him for about an hour and I am really worried about him. There is so much pressure on him and I’m not sure if and how I can help him. Told him about me going up to see Suzanne and he thinks that I’m crazy too. But he supports me, so it’s all good. I happy to be here, but my mind is still on Suzanne. **sigh**
Anyway, the plan for today is to get my laundry done first of all. Then, when my batteries are charged up, take some pictures of the house. And, I need to start on some emails. Do some Xmas cards. Spend time with the family when they wake up. And of course, do some computer maitnance on the old timers (My old Gateway K6-450 and the even older AST P-60)
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