Turkey Day

And I guess plans changed again so we have having a package turkey deal. **sigh** It will still be good, just take long to fix.
Anyway, one of the things I do while I’m up here is relive the past with all of my high school stuff. Pictures, letters, and items from friends. And then there is April’s stuff…
April stuff, being April’s, is in it’s own box. Most of it is letters in a keepsake box from The Bombay Company.
**side note** Vanessa Carlston is pretty cute.
Anyway, usually I spend a day pouring over the letters, rereading them looking for insight and to learn from the past. Didn’t really do that this time. Of course I read THE LETTER (more on that later), but that was about it. This time I listened to a tape that she made me. That was a fun rememberance to listen to again. I haven’t even finished it yet, I decided to listen to the rest of it tonight. Mostly it was her rambling, trying to aviod the point of the tape. Lots of her sniffing (she had a runny nose). Some of her singing. Still, one of the best things about April is that she is so fasinating. There is just something about her that makes people take notice of her. She just has that je ne sai quoi to her.
I still need to take pictures of the house before I leave tomorow. And I still have so many emails to write. But dad is here with the turkey, so off i go
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