Horoscopes and old music….

Horoscope from MSN: You may disagree, but you can’t deny. If you hurt someone, apologize. And mean it.
I think I know what it means, but not to who
Anyway, dad was cleaning out his tape collection (Cassettes, the things before CD’s) and he found one of my old mix tapes. **clears throats**

    Toni Braxton – Breathe Again (reprise)
    Celine Dion – Nothing Broken But My Heart
    Linda Ronstadt – Cry Like a Rainstorm
    George Michael – Praying For Time
    U2 – One
    Indigo Girls – Romeo & Juliet
    Mariah Carey – Without You
    Wilson Phillips – Eyes Like This
    Janet Jackson – Someday Is Tonight
    Bruce Springstein – Book of Dreams
    Chicago – Will You Still Love Me
    Bryan Adams – Do I Have To Say The Words
    U2 – So Cruel
    Mariah Carey – Just To Hold You Again
    Celine Dion – With This Tear
    George Michael – Cowboys & Angels
    Linda Ronstadt & Arron Nevvile – Don’t Know Much
    Madonna – Bad Girl

When I broke up with Kathy, I decided that the best way to get over her was to make mix tapes of all the love songs that I had, listen to them, cry my heart out, and then I could move on. Ended up being 12-15 100min tapes of songs, and I didn’t exactlty get over Kathy after I had finish listening to them. **sigh** I never should have given all of those CD’s to Mew. Eh, mayybe I should, I was making a new beginning after all
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