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Well, I made it to Washington, Port Orchard to be exact. The plane ride went smooth; no lines, I had a whole row to myself, and we got in 10 min. early. Don’t think that I’m going to get that ticket voucher on Friday. We’ll see. Anyway, Dad picked me up and brought me to the house. They have really made some changes to the place. They got the front landscaped and the house painted. They also painted a bit on the inside and moved stuff around also. Will def. have to take some pictures. Mom was knocked out for most of the night; apparently, she spent the most of last night and this morning cleaning the house from top to bottom for me. She’s still crazy as ever. Eric came home from work at around 9pm while me and Dad were watching the football game. He is surviving…**sigh** I listened to him for about an hour and I am really worried about him. There is so much pressure on him and I’m not sure if and how I can help him. Told him about me going up to see Suzanne and he thinks that I’m crazy too. But he supports me, so it’s all good. I happy to be here, but my mind is still on Suzanne. **sigh**
Anyway, the plan for today is to get my laundry done first of all. Then, when my batteries are charged up, take some pictures of the house. And, I need to start on some emails. Do some Xmas cards. Spend time with the family when they wake up. And of course, do some computer maitnance on the old timers (My old Gateway K6-450 and the even older AST P-60)
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