It’s only 11:30am and I’ve already been made a fool of…

Not exactly, but still. I was downstairs eating and watching Sat. cartoon and I didn’t hear my cell phone. So I come back up and there is a missed call from Suzanne. So of course I call her back and of course I get my hopes crushed cause she accidentally called my number cause it’s right next to the redial button. **sigh** . Oops, sorry. **sigh** I’m pretty sure that the whole day is ruined, but maybe I can salvage it.
Anyway, frustrating things in my life include my inability to update my web page. Since this is a holiday weekend, I doubt that I’ll get any help until next week. Poop!
The web cam that I brought back is working though. That’s a good thing. The only bad thing is that I can only get it working online with Yahoo. So if you go to Yahoo Messenger and look for dark_tygre, you can see me in all of my nappiness.
Was trying to get it to work with Camarades, but the picture is not working. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Also want to use it with my chat programs, but it doesn’t work with the free version of Trillian. Guess I will have to save some money to buy the pro version.
So what am I doing today? Besides of my usual thoughts on Suzanne, I need to finish writing emails to peoples. Also should either go grocery shopping or to the laundromat today. I swear, my whole life is freakin washing clothes.
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