Well, in addition to buying

Well, in addition to buying speakers for my computer, replacing RAM for my computer, getting more USB ports for my computer, I also need to get a new mouse. My MS Intellimouse Explorer is kaput maybe. I think that the wires inside are frayed cause when I fiddle with the wire leading into the mouse, sometimes I can get the mouse to work. In a way, I’m glad that it is the mouse and not the motherboard. **sigh** Well, I might try to take it apart to see if I can fix it myself; or maybe I can have Suzannetake a look at it since she is an electrician and all. Otherwise it is $45 for a new mouse.
Was at the Aiptek Web site looking for Mac Drivers for my Web Cam. Aiptek are the guys that make the PenCam that Apriluses. Anyway, I was going to let Suzanne use it since I can’t really use it cause of the firewall on the network. So I was looking around the site and they had this photo gallery of celebrities that use the PenCam. Take a look at *Nsync. I guess it’s true what they say about all the boy bands being a bunch of paper cut outs.
Well Justin is out in the living room with his friend Teresa cooking dinner; or rather burning it. I swear, they (Justin and Matt) just burned the shit out of Casey’s George Foreman Grill. SO Matt got his dad to buy a new one. And now the house smells like smoke and I’m ready to place bets on when they have to buy a new one.
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