More troubles….

So I am trying to put together a schedule for fall semester. I am getting a History Major, but I also want to get a minor, either in Asian Studies or in Asian Amer. Studies.
If I go for the Asian Amer. Studies, I would have to take 15 units and I would still be short 6 units. That’s not necessarily a problem, cause I could possibly take them at night. The thing is that I would have to take back to back classes from 10am until 2pm MWF and on Monday night, I would have a class from 7-10pm.
The problem with the Asian Studies Minor is that they are slowly phasing it out and they are not teaching the core classes that I need. I found substitutes for two of them that I could possibly float pass the head of the dept, but the last one, I can’t find anything close to it.
Added to this is the whole situation with the Warehouse Mgr. Position that is opening up. with these schedules, I would def. be part time; between 20 and 28. **sigh** that is def a point against me.
Oh yeah, the other thing is that I have to have 12 units to stay in the Villiage. I guess I could move out, but that would be a big hassle.
And damn my stupid mouse and computer. I don’t know why it won’t work. AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!
I’m just pissing and stressing myself off. I’m going to bed and try to forget about all of this.
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