The one where the computer crashes while tygreyes is working on his paper

I’m pretty proud of myself that I didn’t throw the computer out the window (BTW NO COMMENTS FROM THE MAC PEOPLE…I AM NOT IN THE MOOD)
This paper is really pissing me off. Mostly cause I think it is my crappiest paper yet. I am in the “Should I just give up and take the F” mood. I wont do it though. I have 2-3 pages done, but it is so general and incoherent in some places. I know that I can do better, but I don’t have the sources or the time to do it now. If I had spent Thanksgiving weekend in Washington with my parents, I would have gotten shit done. To many distractions here for me to get work done. NOT that I’m blaming the distractions, it’s my fault for having no self control or will power. **sigh** Well, I can either stay up now and try to work on it, or I can wait until tommorow. I’m thinking tommorow, since I think I get paid tommorow. Also I have karate for 2 hrs tommorow. Fun. Yeah, I’ve totally lost the stuff that I was working on. And I was sure that I had the auto save set for like 5 min. No more paper tonight. Looks like an all nighter tommorow if I don’t get inspired.
Current mood: aggravated
Current music: Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead

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