The one after the birthday dinner….

Well, in the end, I guess everthing went well…
Didn’t get out of the city last night until 6pm. Traffic to Vacaville was horrific to say the least. At least the Metro held up; I guess all of the repairs paided off. I made it to Mew’s about 8pm. It was myself, Gabi, Barry, Amber, Amber’s brother Ryan, Mew’s brother Kili and his wife Jennifer, Mew’s parents and Mike. It was a nice dinner overall; It was good to see everybody again. Esp. Ryan. Ryan is somewhat of a legend. He been in Hawaii for years now living on a boat. He has sailed the Pacific and has hung out in Hawaii working on the great Amer. novel. He is a cool guy that gets all of the ladies. But it’s like that with Amber’s family has a whole; they are all special and unique. It’s hard for me to describe, but it’s like the whole family was blessed with great talents. The other big news was that Barry and Gabi are going to be parents. I’m happy for them; I have less worries about them being parents than other people that are pregnant. Too many people who don’t need to be parents are. Well, thank God I’m don’t have to worry about that. Not that I don’t want to be a parent; I want to have a daughter, Vanessa. But I am def. not ready yet for that. So the party was good, and I got pictures up. After the party, I went over to Suzanne’s house. She is still hurt about the whole situation, about me not bringing her with me. Well, what’s done is done and now we’ll just see if the situation will linger around or not. I can’t wait to see her on Saturday. I have so much studying to do and it will be a welcome break to spend the day with her. I wonder about the long distance part of our relationship. Before, I use to denounce any long dist. relationships saying that they could never work. When I was going out with Kathy, I was going to break up with her when she went to SF. And now, I’m in a relationship with someone who is 30 mi away. It’s not that long of a dist. but still….
Tim and Pete are back with lunch so, more journal stuff later
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