Daily Archives: October 16, 2000

So I’m home. What a

So I’m home. What a day…Amber left early cause she was in pain. The printer and the DSL connection both broke, so I couldn’t get any work done. So I’m home now and I need to do laundry. Yuck. So much of it. What else? Oh yeah, I got my housing assignment today. I’m suppose to move in on the 4th of November. The thing is that I need to find out if the other roommates are going to be my roommates. I wouldn’t mind if Randy is my roommate because he is cool and clean. I could probably deal with Mike; he’s a funny guy and he can clean, but he also can make a mess and the whole Dave Matthews issue. But if Quetzal is my roommate then, they will def. either have to move me or him because I REFUSE to live with him. Actually, Mike got his letter about housing too, but I couldn’t read it to see what room he is in. This is going to suck. I just got everything moved in and now I have to pack shit up again. >:-P
**sigh**….what else….there is this mood that is going around and I’m trying to not let it bring me down. Doing good so far, but I’ll be even better when I call Suzanne tonight. I’m sure she is pissed cause I got disconnected last night and it took me forever to get back on. But once I move back onto campus, high speed line baby….WHOOHOO. No more of this crap dial up. OK. Time to do some laundry
Current mood: good
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big ass post going on

big ass post going on and then of course the computer freezes and I lose it. Hmph. Oh well, it’s time for class anyway. I just have to rant when I get home tonight
Current mood: annoyed
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