Daily Archives: October 10, 2000

Ah home. And so is

Ah home. And so is the bastard. Yuck. There goes the night. I guess I will do dishes now, and then later do laundry.
Oh yeah, Amazon sent me an email that they have shipped out my Escaflowne DVD. WHOHOO!!! It should be here in a few days. I can’t wait.
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The bump on my nose

The bump on my nose is def. a pimple. I think I got it from Suzanne, cause she thought that she was getting on her nose, but it didn’t happen. The pimple must have overheard her and decided to jump over to my nose. That bastard….
….speaking of bastards, Questal was up early this morning for some reason. When I finally got up, he was out in the living room reading. God he is so messy. Didn’t his mamma teach him how to clean. **sigh** the dishes are piling up, I think it might be my turn to wash them. We don’t have a schedule per say, but I think that Randy did the dishes last time. Mike’s been busy with the Jewish holiday, so I guess I’ll have to do them. They will have to wait until tonight, I’m not going to be late for class just to do dishes.
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All the stuff that I’ve

All the stuff that I’ve ordered is taking it’s sweet time getting to me:
Vision Of Escaflowne DVD from Amazon – backordered until the 24th. AARRGGHHH. If you haven’t seen this anime, then you have ot go and get it. They are showing it on FOX, but the voice actors that they have suck. You have to watch it japanese/subtitled. It’s the only way.
Die Hard Trilogy DVD from buy.com –
sent to the warehouse. It’s been sent to the warehouse for days now. How long does it take to get to the fuckin warehouse.
Various CD’s from BMG –
I ordered these almost two or three weeks ago. I looked at what I ordered and started to have second thoughts about it. All of it is safe stuff that I have heard before. Three are greatest hits, one is one I’ve heard before, and the last one is a new one. I think the next CD’s will have to be anime imports. The think is that they are so expensive. They are between $20-$40. So I’ll probably only be able to get one or two at the most.
Questal is still awake, so I think I should goto sleep before he does so I don’t have to deal with him. Goodnight ya’ll
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So I am still alive

So I am still alive after watching Questal’s drunken performace. **sigh** This was suppose to be temporary. Anyway, he has decided to come out from the room and spent his time out in the living room reading. I wonder why? Anyway, I have my headphones on and he has his CD Player and headphones. We are both on opposite sides of the room kinda, so I guess it is peaceful enough. Every once in awhile I hear him muttering, but I just tend to ignore it now.
Today was an O.K. day. It started with the phone ringing off the hook. I’m talking about a good minute. The person really wanted to talk to someone. Questal gets the phone and it’s for Mike. I swear that boy gets so many phone calls. HE is the one that might need to think about getting his own personal line. Anyway, I eventually get out of bed and wander to school. I’m wearing my new shoes and it feels like I’m a good foot or so off the ground. I kinda felt that I was walking with heels, but not quite. Anyway, it was overcast here at SF State and it was drizzling for most of the day. Classes went by O.K. I think that I have lost one of my books for my CA Hist class. Fuck. Now I either have to buy a new book, or tey to check it out from the library. I know there is one on reserve, but I think it has a two hour limit on it.
Work was good. I got some stuff out the way. I still need to stay later and start working on the clothes section, organizing it an aranging things in the whole gist section. The art section could also use a good once over. Got a call from AAMCO; $700 for a new fly wheel and other stuff. It’s better than what I thought it would be. But there is also an oil leak too I think. My CD Writer just gets father and father away from me.
After work I came home and took a shower and rested and then went out to dinner with Angie. Angie is my friend from Solano where we both worked at the bookstore. Anyway, I hadn’t talked to her since the summer, so it was good to see her. I had missed her birthday, cause I had to help Shwan move, to this dinner was to make up for that. I took her to the Hungry Hunter near the airport. We had never been there and I guess I was expecting something like Applebee’s or T.G.I.Fridays. It’s more of a Steak House like Cattlemen’s. There wasn’t much of a selection on the menu, some appetizers, some poultry and lamb, mostly meat like fillet Mignon and porterhouse. There was so much stuff before our main meal, that we were stuffed when it finally came. There was a full tray of potato skins for appetizers. Then there was bread, and a nice sized salad that they made at your table. I had filet mignon with a potato while Angie had a house cut with mashed potatoes and soup. There was NO room for dessert. Too bad, because the dessert looked really good. So we were there for a good 2 hours, catching up on things. After dinner, we came back to my apt. and I introduced her to the roommates and we talked for another hour before she left.
**sigh** Angie’s the closest friend that I have now that Shawn is gone. And she is a good friend too; we are kinda in the same boat in that it has taken us forever to get out of school and that we are older than our friends. I wish there was more time for us to hang, but she is busy with all of her stuff and me with mine. But we know that when either of us is in trouble, the other will be there.
I hope my girlfriend had a good day today. I miss her and I’m thinking about her, but sometimes I need to focus on other things in my life. I hope she isn’t pissed at me cause I went to dinner and didn’t call her. I did sent her an email about it. I’ll have to call her tommorow; but I think that Dark Angel comes on tommorow. I’ll have to call after that. That’ll give me time to watch Buffy.
The other thing that is going on is that I either slept on my nose wrong or there is a pimple that is going to erupt soon. I how that it isnt a pimple, caue it feels like it will be a big one if it is.
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