The bump on my nose

The bump on my nose is def. a pimple. I think I got it from Suzanne, cause she thought that she was getting on her nose, but it didn’t happen. The pimple must have overheard her and decided to jump over to my nose. That bastard….
….speaking of bastards, Questal was up early this morning for some reason. When I finally got up, he was out in the living room reading. God he is so messy. Didn’t his mamma teach him how to clean. **sigh** the dishes are piling up, I think it might be my turn to wash them. We don’t have a schedule per say, but I think that Randy did the dishes last time. Mike’s been busy with the Jewish holiday, so I guess I’ll have to do them. They will have to wait until tonight, I’m not going to be late for class just to do dishes.
Current mood: groggy
Current music: Music For Freelance – Remixies from Cowboy Bebop

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