Daily Archives: October 8, 2000

The reason that I’m aggrivatted

The reason that I’m aggrivatted is cause the bastard is out here in the living room read Maxim, eating, and doing shots of whiskey and coke. The thing is that he was making so much noise in the kitchen and I’m afraid to go in there to see how many dishes he broke. **sigh** I REALLY don’t want to hate him, but just his presence is enough to raise the hair on my back and to make me aggrivated. Maybe I should goto sleep. I’m sure listening to Manson isn’t helping my aggrivation. Maybe something soothing, like Seal or Sade would be better.
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The one where I get recharged by my girl and we spend money

Friday after work, I took BART to Berkeley to meet my girl at Shawn’s old place. From there, we drove up to Vallejo and had dinner at Chevy’s. It was pretty good except that I still don’t have a Driver licence so I could only order virgin drinks. That sucked cause I really wanted a Midori Margarita. **sigh** Dinner was good anyway. I had lemon chicken and portabello mushroom fajitas. Suzanne had a chicken burrito…
on a side note, you know how they have the red torttia chip shaped like a cactus and that yellow stuff that taste like some kind of corn bread. Can you and are you suppose to eat that, or is it like parsely? I liked the yellow stuff, but Suzanne thought it tasted terrible…
So after dinner, I tried to hook up my VCR to her T.V., but I was having problems with it, so I kind of gave up on it. We were going to watch Escaflowne, but ended up in bed instead. How strange? 😉
The next thing I knew it was 9:00 and we were getting ready to go shopping. Suzanne needed to get basicly a whole new wardrobe for B&N and I needed some shoes. So we drove up to Vacaville cause I needed to drop off The Sims to April. I bought it and it’s a good game, but I just couldn’t really get into it. Maybe April will have better luck than I did. Anyway, we get to April’s and she is asleep, but her mom goes to wake her up. She doesn’t look to good and I tell her, which was probably something that I shouldn’t have said. But it’s me, Joe. It’s not like April and I are strangers or anything. But, it was rude of me and I apoligized to her later.
After April’s, Suzanne and I went to Applebee’s for lunch. Again, without an ID, I couldn’t order alcohol, which meant no mudslide drink for me. Suzanne accussed me of being a girly drinker. Which I am, I admit. I like the sweet and foo-foo drinks, but I like to drink the hard stuff too.
We were going to goto Sac to go shopping and to visit Lesa and Kurt, but I didn’t have Kurt’s number in my planner and no one was home at Lesa’s. So we decided just to go shopping at the outlet stores in Vacaville. So for the next 4 hours, we went around half of the factory stores (the Gap and Levi side), shopping for clothes for Suzanne and shoes for myself. At the Bulgle Boy Store, I ended up buying 2 turttlenecks and two long sleeve shirts for myself, since everything was 50% off. I was also looking for some Khaki’s but I didn’t find any that I liked. Suzanne got a number of items for work. Suzanne is not really a big shopper and is kinda stingy with her money. O.K. she’s not stingy with her money, but she would rather spend it on her friends than herself. So it was a real task to get her to buy stuff, but once she got rolling, she was able to get several outfits for herself.
The best place that we stopped in was the London Fog Store. I want a trench coat SSSSSSSOOOOOOO bad. They looked so good on me. Me and Suzanne had fun trying on the different coats and hats in the shop. I saw a couple of jackets that I might get my dad & mom for X-Mas. The only thing that I wasn’t able to find was shoes. The Vans shop had several shoes that I wanted, but the tounges on the shoes were so huge, that I couldn’t fit my feet into the shoe.
After we were done at the outlet stores, we went to Solano Mall, where I bought Suzanne this skirt at Sears that she had her eye on. Then we went to Payless Shoes to look for shoes. We found several shoes that we wanted to buy, but they either didn’t have the size or there was something wrong with the shoe, like a stain on the shoe or something. We went to several shoe stores and at one store, Suzanne got a pair of boots. We headed down to Best Buy to look for CD Players for me. I want a CD Player to use to listen to music while I sleep. But I want one that can read CD-RW’s too. So far there are only off brand CD players that do this. There was a Phillips player that could read CD-RW’s, but I really want a Sony one. I just trust the Sony name, that’s all. I looked at systems too and there were a couple that could read CD-RW’s and were surround systems. But I think that I’m going to wait awhile. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking about seeing about getting a DVD player with a hardware decoder. I also want to get a new graphics card with a TV out so that I can hook the DVD to a regular TV. The master plan was to make the computer the entertainment center. But I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore. Anyway, after that, we left to go back to Vallejo and we stopped by another Payless and we were able to find shoes that we wanted. I got some steel toed shoes; I have been wanting some for awhile so it was cool to finnaly get some. So after that, we went back to Suzanne’s and while she was cooking dinner, I was able to get the VCR working. So now, she has triple the amount of channels that she got before. For dinner she broiled chicken, and we also had potatoes and a pasta salad. It was a simple dinner, but very fulfilling. After that we layed in bed and watched SNL. It wasn’t that funny, but it was funnier than it had been in awhile. The sad thing is that Cheri O’Terri has left the show. Emimmin was the guess singer and he had Dido with him for Stan. Emimmin was O.K., but I thought Dido sounded better even though she had only a chorus to sing.
This weekend was what I needed after the horrible week that I had been having. Suzanne seemed to recharge my batteries and now I am ready to buckle down and deal with school and work and anything else that will come along. I’m sure that will be the car. **sigh** I hope they can fix it. I’ve had the metro for a long time and at time I have treated it like shit, but I really love that car and I want it to last me at least a couple of more years before I get a new car.
Anyway, back to Suzanne. I love being next to Suzanne, just laying down next to her and feeling our skins touch. I just want to hold her and I want her to hold me. I feel at peace with the world and I can forget things like my bastard roommate trying to cook in the kitchen breaking everything in the sink. Maybe if he would wash the dishes sometimes…
but I digress…
It’s just such a conforting feeling to love someone and to be loved by someone. Like I said before, when I’m in her arms, for a time, I can feel safe and secure and I don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the world around me.
OK. That was my weekend. Up for this week, I find out how much car repairs will be, countdown to midterms begins, and maybe I’ll get around to going to DMV and taking a test to get a new licence.
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